womens march outfit

i have been putting together my womens march outfit + materials for my DC trip. i just got these peachy/pink stan smiths that i adore. they're super comfortable & i'm easy to spot if i get separated from my group since they're pretty bright/rare. a backpack full of necessary items. walkie talkie's in case cell service is spotty in a crowd that big. snacks of course. water in my swell bottle. honey throat drops since i'm sure we'll be yelling/chanting all day. glossier balm for being out in the elements all day. cell phone battery back up. my basic shapes (boy bye) earrings. duh. statement still applies. my friend caitlin (fun cult) is making me a custom fringe banner that i'm going to pin to my sign. super excited about that. will share more when it's done.

one thing of sentimental value that i'm bringing with is a "love trumps hate" sign that my mother in law got at the democratic national convention this summer. by a stroke of luck she was seated next to elizabeth warren + chelsea clinton one night (!). i'm having friends + family sign it. it's a way of bringing their love with me to washington. hopefully, i'll get more signatures from the beautiful souls i'll meet there and it can be a piece i frame and have in our home for years to come. i do still believe that the only answer to hate is love.

are you marching that day? if you're going to DC the organizers need you to register/fill out some logistical information so they can properly plan/organize to make it a safe + memorable experience. (ie: so they can let public transportation departments know how many people to expect etc. so much goes into planning something this epic. jump on over here to fill it out + also find info/preparation materials.) if you're free this sunday night in chicago head on over to the Know Your Rights/Safety Prep event that some friends of mine are organizing. i'll be at the first half soaking up some info.

if you are going to DC & you see a girl w/ apricot colored stan smiths, a pink baseball hat + a fringe-y sign. it's most likely ME. please say hi + sign my love trumps hate sign. xoxo.

click on image to see full details for every item.