spring outfits

oh my favorite game of outfit planning. with equal parts reality (air max's i own) and fantasy (simone rocha heels i would love to own). i used lots of the new madewell spring pieces + cursive jewelry. (come pick out your own outfit/jewelry pairings this thursday eve at the cursive trunk show at the chicago madewell. 932 n. rush from 6-8 pm!)

this is so similar to my everyday outfit. i refer to it as comfy goth with a pop of color. not long ago i used to wear more color and pattern but the last couple years i gravitated to a mostly all black wardrobe with the pops of color isolated to: shoes, makeup and jewelry. it's easy. it's a uniform. all the pieces match each other therefore my morning choices are so streamlined. i can work in a dirty jewelry studio all day and no one knows if some polishing compound accidentally got on my sleeve. i throw on a blazer and some eyeliner and i'm out the door. i do have a madewell bucket bag in this brown color and i own those nike air max's. huge fan of that color combo of black, caramel and neon crimson.  (jeans, sweatshirt, dot & line necklace, mates necklace, backpack, chicago over everything else hat, air max's, lip gloss)

tassels, tassels, all of the tassels. tassels are everywhere and i'm so into them. can they be on more things please? has anyone tried a nail art tassel? just sayin.. lately i've been into the half date night/half group friend hang night. you get your one on one time and your social needs met. you're covering so many bases in one night that you feel so dang proud of yourself come bedtime. i'd wear this to eat some chongqing chicken and then group karaoke the entire boyz II men catalogue. (leather jacket, bodysuit, pants, bag, loafers, supermoon necklace, tassel bracelet, lipstick)

i've got a few weddings to go to this summer. that mega mobile necklace is so easy to throw on for a yes! fancy! vibe. a new thing for me this year is: eye makeup. i'm serious. completely ignored it before. let's be honest though. i'm going to aim for these adelle eyes and then proceed to get tear-y during the ceremony and mess them up. i'm such a sap. this iphone cover is a crucial hint to the happy couple. i will be clinking that water glass to make you kiss. uhh repeatedly. the perfect simone rocha heals that allow you to get your damn groove on. i can't be bothered by a flimsy little sandal or stiletto when a dance floor is around. and i hate that whole bring a pair of flats thing. why though? when there are so many great stacked heels out there. (dress, bag, simone rocha heels, iphone cover, mega mobile necklace, lip gloss

a simple running around town outfit that still feels polished. hells yes to this caron callahan for madewell denim jacket. it's just too perfect. i love the combo of a stacked heel and a baseball hat. it's that combo of feminine/masculine i'm always drawn to. (i don't own this hat *yet* but i've been stalking them for months to catch when it re-stocks. it's so important to me that i almost didn't post it cuz FOMO. *but* i live down the block from their shop and i'm betting i've got the jump on this.) this necklace is on heavy rotation lately. the herkimer crystals on the strands i picked out in tucson are all so unique and special. (jacket, pants, bag, shoes, hat, force field necklace, circle bracelet)

i love to take all day walks around town. start in the hood and wander through fulton market snacking along the way to downtown. hop on the blue line and connect to the 606 trail and follow that up to logan square for dinner. pat on the back because my fitness app is clocking major mileage and i can EAT PIE. i'm layered up for all weather here. i'm blocking sun off my face. i'm making good choices. (jacket, top, jeans, sneakers, hat, bag, color theory necklace, triple triangle pendant)

if you're in the chicago area. come check out the trunk show this thursday for sips, bites & discounts! i'll have some new jewelry and score 20% off your madewell order. 932 n. rush st. 6-8pm. facebook event here.