the importance of solo travel

at the end of last year i decided it would be good to do a solo trip to arcosanti in arizona. i've travelled on my own before of course (business trips & etc) but those have always been full of meetings, trunk shows, material sourcing + catching a quick bite with others. i had never done the plunk yourself down in the middle of nowhere with no one - see some beauty/get awed - just for yourself kind of travel. that realization made me feel..  well..  sad. so, i booked it. the time was now and maybe the time was awhile ago but lets just move forward. 

after a business trip to the gem show in tucson i was cruising down the road playing dreams + sorry on repeat. fully geek'd up/out loud singing and marveling at saguaro shapes. vibes were high and i was hitting all imagined cliched benchmarks of rom-com woman-on-her-own. i'd say i did really well for the first 24 hours. the architectural/landscape visual orgasm of arcosanti hits you immediately and takes over all senses. it was GD super bowl sunday and here i was in the middle of the desert in a 70's design/utopic/artist in residence dreamscape. they were celebrating the chinese new year in the cafe with zero whispers of american football. so, yah, i was into it. i'm a monkey/fish so things were clicking already and i knew i'd catch bey slay online later. 

the next morning i was UP and AT EM. did the full tour of the grounds. took pictures. watched the residents do a bronze pour (wooo! jewelry dork'n big time.) had lunch in the beautiful cafe. did a little sketching. read a chapter of my book. tried to move forward on a little art project. then.. um. what. thennnnnnn. whattttttt. the last part of that day was kind of drift-y and i was a little lost and pretty dissapointed with the feels i was feelin. i wish i could have chilled out about that + released myself from the pressure of: oh-my-god-you're-HERE-enjoy-IT-NOW. the next morning i realized: oh yeh. duh. this is meant to be slower and contemplative. chill plz. in the days that followed i did some business planning, finished a little installation-y sculpture, started on new designs based on gem show purchases, got some reading in (which felt kind of major. ha.) took a side trip to the GC, explored more of the beautiful grounds, warmed my winter bones in the sun and capped it off with an epic 365 degree sunset over-looking the vaults and cypress trees

in the end i learned it may take some time to adjust but DAMN solo trips are important for your soul and i'm starting to place a higher value on that.