basic shapes earrings: the secret message

when i hear the lyrics to sorry. when i sing along to BOY BYE there is only one person i'm thinking of. it's been my own little form of therapy that came about organically after seeing the formation world tour this summer. of course beyonce was ahh-mazing (and her album has been on repeat so hard this year) but one of the most important moments that night was when rae sremmurd took to the stage in chicago to say F**K donald trump. all of us together. repeating it. yelling it so loud. an entire stadium pushing back against this heinous man & his destructive words/actions. 

the balance of simple geometric shapes is at the core of my work. i prefer a circle to an oval, a square to a rectangle and an equilateral triangle to an isosceles or obtuse one. even the name. equilateral. equal. equality!! the mathematical perfection of those shapes feels like honesty that i pepper throughout my collection. not long after that night i realized the letters BOY BYE could be simplified into shapes. after time spent arranging/re-arranging & playing with the scale they were finally done.

i’m already planning my election day outfit. it feels like armor that i’ll need to get through the day. the basic shapes earrings. pins. pins. so many pins. this hat. maybe these socks. gold sneaks for winning. a crystal for good energy. a blazer that references a pants suit. a stick of palo santo to carry around & burn when i need to stay calm. idk. i'm nervous already. 

it's a lot of a lewk, but hey, i aint sorry. middle fingers up. BOY BYE.